Welcome to Second Wind. 

It seems to me that as we move along in life there is a tendency to settle in.  Over the years we settle into the family, settle into the job, settle into our friends, settle into our habits, we settle into our life.

There’s something comforting about settling in.  Something very soothing about the familiar, the known, the recognizable.  Settling for good enough.

The question I’ve been asking myself is, “Is ‘good enough’ good enough?” 

I'm not talking about striving for perfection or racing to the top, not talking about being driven by voices telling me that what I’ve been doing is insufficient, that I’ll never be good enough, thin enough, rich enough. 

I'm talking about settling in.  Does settling in, does getting by make me happy?  Am I doing what I want?  Am I being who I want to be?  Am I hiding out from my own fulfillment? 

Do I have a dream that I’ll get to someday?  When the kids are grown, when I have the time, when I can afford it?

What if I could step right up and begin living MY dream right now? 

   What difference would it make in my life, in the life of those around me? 

      What difference would it make in the world?


 This is what Second Wind is all about. 

- It’s about filling our sails once again with the winds of excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment. 

- It’s about restarting and rejuvenating our lives.

- It’s about being a contribution and being contributed to.

- It’s about having fun.

- It’s about what your life becomes when you step into the world.

- It's about being who you are.

Second Wind is a community of people around the world who are stepping into what they’ve dreamed of being, dreamed of doing, dreamed of creating. 

It’s a place to come and see what others are experiencing on their Journey and to share what’s going on in your own Journey.

It’s a place we can support one another and be inspired by others.  It’s a place where we can inspire others.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you drop everything and start over.  It may be that  you begin volunteering every week at a local school, it may be that you set aside time every day or week to start writing, or painting, or playing with clay.  It may be anything that you want, after all it’s YOUR Journey.

Joseph Campbell has been telling us to “Follow Your Bliss”.   By that he means:



Bottom line is that a vital person vitalizes.  Second Wind is about being vital and in doing so we vitalize others.



The invitation is to step into YOUR Adventure, whatever that may be, and then to let us know what you’re up to and what’s going on in your life since you’ve been doing that. 

A Vital Person Vitalizes.

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